Review: Green Mustache

Green Mustache has made a number of updates to its brand of kid-focused juice smoothies, which are blended with nutritionally dense ingredients like chia and kale. The beverages are now high pressure processed and packaged in a 12 oz. cylindrical bottle. Green Mustache has also added a couple new flavor varieties to its lineup

Mintel: Older Millennials Consuming More Energy Drinks

Millennial consumers are increasingly aware of and concerned about energy drink ingredients, but that hasn’t slowed their consumption of highly caffeinated beverages, according to a new report from Mintel. Notably, it’s older millennials, including those with or planning for children, who are consuming more energy drinks than ever before.

Review: Joni Juice

From our perspective, Joni Juice produces some of the better cold-pressed juices and smoothies that we've sampled. Yet while we really like the formulation of the products, there’s a bigger opportunity for the brand if its package design was given an overhaul.

Review: NüBrü Coffee

NüBrü Coffee markets a three-SKU line of cold-brewed and high pressure processed (HPP) coffee drinks. Packaged in 12 oz. bottles, it's first HPP and cold-brew coffee line that we've seen and, for us, the combined use of the processing methods results in some truly delicious beverages.