Review: Vita Coco Sport

A couple weeks ago, Vita Coco unveiled a new sports drink line at Target, which worked in conjunction with the coconut water giant to develop the products. While Vita Coco has been hovering around the periphery of the sports category since its inception, from our perspective, the line is definitely a nice bolt-on for the brand and a very well-executed one at that.

Monster in the Morning

On July 21, Monster filed for U.S. trademark registration for Ultra Sunrise, which leads one convenience store retailer surveyed by Wells Fargo to believe that the company “is moving toward a Monster [carbonated soft drink (CSD)] aimed at Mountain Dew.”

Vita Coconut Oil

The increasing popularity of coconut oil can be seen in lifestyle and beauty media, through celebrity use and promotion, and the ongoing consumer trend to find more natural food and beverage options.

Review: Muscle Milk Organic

Launched in July, Muscle Milk Organic is a Target exclusive (there’s a lot of those these days…) that comes packaged in an 8.25 oz. Tetra Pak carton with a screw top cap and is sold in 4-packs. We’re certainly pleased to see Muscle Milk offering an organic product, but we think — especially when it comes to package design — the new line could be improved upon.

Opportunity Brewing

The development of new tea drinks for kids could play a key role in the creation of a framework by which marketers can establish vertical integration of both adult and children’s products.

Review: BluePrint Juice – New Varieties

This week, BluePrint introduced two new varieties — Coffee Cashew Cinnamon Vanilla and Apple Lemon Ginger Cayenne — to its line of cold-pressed, high pressure processed juices. While the new coffee product has a flavor that definitely doesn’t taste as good as what you’ll find in others that are using cold brew or brewed varieties, and while we’d probably find the apple blend more approachable in one of BluePrint’s smaller bottle sizes, both should nonetheless help expand the reach of the brand.

Review: Sweet’tauk Lemonades

Hailing from Montauk, N.Y., a coastal town that belongs to the uber summertime haunt known as The Hamptons, Sweet’tauk Lemonades are sold in farmers’ markets and specialty stores in the region. Packaged in clear 14.5 oz. plastic bottles, one might think that the drinks are high pressure processed, but in fact they are not. Nevertheless, we enjoyed the Sweet’tauk’s unique formulations, if not its labels and branding.