Review: Genius Juice (Updated Packaging)

Genius Juice, which markets a line of coconut-based drinks that are high pressure processed, has revamped its packaging and updated the formulation of its coconut smoothie. The changes are an excellent upgrade to the brand, which is sold throughout California.

Review: Icebox Water

Icebox Water is a packaged water product from Canada that comes in what the manufacturer describes as “eco-friendly BPA-free packaging.” This of course refers to the carton that the company is using, which is definitely the most unique part about the product in that this format is only used by a very small number of products.

Review: American Juice Company

The premise behind the American Juice Company is to sell natural juice-based cocktail mixers that are good enough to be served at high-end restaurants and bars, but also satisfy the home cocktail enthusiast. As such, the products are made with only a few ingredients and come packaged in a thoughtfully designed 16 oz. bottle.

Review: Victoria’s Kitchen Ginger Lemonade

Victoria’s Kitchen’s Organic Ginger Lemonade represents what appears to be an evolution of the brand’s focus. Specifically, this is the first flavor that is not almond water-based. Instead, the product is being marketed as a low-calorie (35 calories per 8 oz. serving) organic lemonade.

Review: Prospectors Cold Brew Coffee

Made with a blend of water, fair trade and organic coffee beans and mint, Prospector’s Cold Brew coffee is one of the more recent ready-to-drink entries into the ever expanding cold brew coffee category. The product, which hails from Michigan, has that big and bold, but smooth in finish, coffee flavor that we’ve come to expect from any quality cold brew product.

Coke CEO Promises Transparency in Response to GEBN Controversy

In an op-ed published in The Wall Street Journal on Wednesday, Coke’s chairman and CEO Muhtar Kent said that the company had made mistakes in the way it has “engaged the public health and scientific communities to tackle the global obesity epidemic that is plaguing our children, our families and our communities,” saying that the approach “is not working.”

Review: Neon Energy Drink

Neon energy drink is the product of ViSalus, which is a multi-level marketing company that focuses on weight management products. On the surface Neon looks very much like a stereotypical energy drink. The black, green and white color palette features a design that definitely looks the part of the category. But this isn’t necessarily a good thing.