NOSH Voices: Under Pressure, Here’s What Big CPGs Will Do

While innovating, incubating and reformulating from within embody a set of tactics that are happening internally, let’s focus instead on the big-ticket, highly-visible actions that have accelerated dramatically over the past few years: Large companies acquiring smaller ones and also investing in relatively early-stage, fast-growth companies.

Review: Caliwater Adds New Flavors

Caliwater, which launched in 2014, is a brand of prickly pear-based beverages that recently introduced new flavors and a new package format.

BevNET Podcast Ep. 23: It’s Effectively Our Take on Probiotics

In this edition of the podcast, we follow up on a recent BevNET Magazine article that examined a growing controversy regarding standards and regulation in the expanding world of probiotic beverages. BevNET Editor-in-Chief, who authored the article, joins us for a lively discussion on the topic.

Solti Hopes to Shine Bigger Light on UV-Processed Juice

Founder Ryne O’Donnell asserts that Solti’s process of exposing juice to UV light, in conjunction with an atmosphere controlled aseptic filler, “is proving to have more nutrients, flavor, aroma and shelf life” than juices that undergo high pressure processing (HPP), a common safety method for cold-pressed juices.

MALK Goes National With Kroger

Organic and cold-pressed nut milk brand MALK has landed placement at 1,200 Kroger-owned grocery stores. The deal with Kroger gives MALK a coast-to-coast presence and a foothold in the premium set of the fast-growing dairy alternative category.

Review: Rebbl Vanilla Spice Protein

Ever since Rebbl launched its Super Herbs line, it seems like each new flavor and iteration is taking the brand to higher levels of flavor and polish. The brand's latest flavor, Vanilla Spice Protein, very much continues that trend.

BevNET Podcast Ep. 22: Milking It — Alt-Dairy Continues to Roll

What’s driving the evolution of the dairy-alternative category and continued growth for almond milk? In what ways are brands attempting to disrupt and innovate with single-serve varieties? And can sales remain on this upward trajectory? We hash it out in this edition of the BevNET Podcast.

Shake-Up at Bolthouse Farms

Included in those changes is a shakeup near the top of the division, including the removal of Scott LaPorta, the president and GM of Bolthouse Farms, the largest company in the division.

Review: Soylent Coffiest Leaves Its Flagship Flavor in the Dust

The core concept for Soylent Coffiest is the same as the brand's flagship variety, with a 400-calorie formulation that features a rather stocked nutrition facts panel designed with meal replacement in mind. But what's added in the way of flavor is a huge step forward.