Review: Cold Stone Milk Shakers

In collaboration with Steuben Foods, Cold Stone Creamery recently launched Milk Shakers, a line of ready-to-drink shakes that come in three decadent varieties. It’s clear that the goal of the brand is to translate the decadent flavors of Cold Stone into a convenient on-the-go product. With flavors that reach 450 calories and 15g of fat per bottle, the line is certainly decadent.

Review: Go Body

Go Body’s Berry Pomegranate, which was the only flavor available at the time of review, is a pleasant tasting sports drink-style protein drink. It packs in 25g of protein with only 8g of sugar and 150 calories per bottle along with a well rounded mix of vitamins, antioxidants, and more. But does the packaging do a good enough job communicating the brand to consumers?

Review: Jax Coco (250 mL Bottles)

Using Philippine coconut water, the 250 mL glass bottles of Jax Coco are filed in China. It’s a pretty unique product from a packaging perspective — you really don’t see many products in glass or at this small size. But is the bottle enough to differentiate the brand from other coconut waters?

Review: Marquis Vitality Energy Drink

Marketed as a “Vitality Energy Drink,” is a USDA certified organic energy drink that is made with zero calories and no sugar. On the branding end of things, we’re honestly a little confused as to what this product is trying to be. It feels very much like a product that is attempting to go after night clubs, but the messaging, which includes tagline “The Smart Choice,” seems to be more focused on selling a “better for you” product.

Review: Vita Coco Cafe

Earlier this year, Vita Coco unveiled a new name and packaging for its Coco Cafe line of espresso and coconut water lattes. Visually, the switch to a brand now known as Vita Coco Cafe was something that we were a bit skeptical of. That said, we definitely see this as an upgrade for the drinks.