Review: Up Mountain Switchel

Up Mountain Switchel is another rendition of the classic beverage that is the product’s namesake. It blends water, Vermont maple syrup, raw organic apple cider and fresh ginger root into a product that is loaded with flavor. On the outside, it’s hard to miss the 16 oz. mason jar that the company has chosen. Rather than make it look fancy with a custom cap or custom bottle, it seems intentional that it looks like a stock mason jar.

NACS Video: Here’s Why Sparkling Ice Launched Tea

Even with the presence of major players like Lipton, Nestle, AriZona, and Coke in the category, Talking Rain CEO Kevin Klock said, there was an opportunity to bring in a new, single-serve brand that could add to the company's volume. "We're between categories," Klock told BevNET during a videotaped interview on the floor of NACS. "That's where the white space is."

Review: Tsamma Watermelon

Following the launch of WTR MLN Water comes Tsamma, another watermelon juice product that recently came to market. Marketed as containing 95 percent watermelon juice that is cold-pressed, the beverage also contains white grape and pomegranate juices from concentrate, malic acid (used for tartness) and natural flavors. The juice, however, is not high pressure processed, something that might hamper placement amid a super-premium set that is increasingly embracing the technology.

AriZona Aims For the Dairy Aisle with “Good Brew”

AriZona’s most intriguing new product was one that the company gave only scant attention at the 2014 NACS show. While the company displayed only a couple prop bottles of “Good Brew,” a lemon-flavored, cane sugar-sweetened tea, packaged in a clear 59 oz. carafe with a teal-colored cap and hipster/throwback label, the multi-serve beverage certainly stood out.

Review: Ocean Spray PACT

If there’s any company that can credibly market a super-strength cranberry drink, it’s definitely Ocean Spray, which recently launched Pact, a low-calorie beverage that hangs its hat on the benefits of cranberry extract (specifically proanthocyanidins or PACS).

Video: Eyeing Sweeter Demand for Indulgent Coffee, Ito En Doubles Down on Jay Street

Sweeter and denser that the primary line, Ito En's new Jay Street Extra Rich coffees were formulated to address consumer demand for creamier, thicker option similar to that of the familiar taste and mouthfeel of Starbucks’ Frappuccino products. Packaged in 9.1 oz. bottles, and at 150 calories and no fat, however, Adam Hertel, Ito En’s vice president of sales for grocery and natural, views the drinks to be, like the flagship products, a healthier option for consumers.