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Last Updated: 5/27/2011 2:25 PM

Continuing with the trend of "throwback" sodas, Pepsi, who is canning this product for Dr. Pepper/7UP Inc., latest makeover project is 7UP, with a 7UP "Retro" variety. Like the other throwback varieties, this one is "made with real sugar." From a flavor perspective, the switch from high fructose corn syrup to sugar makes a big difference (sorry Corn Refiners), with a much lighter and crisper feeling in the mouth. Otherwise, it?s classic 7UP lemon lime flavoring, which is certainly a pleasing flavor to drink. On the outside, they?ve enlisted the help of NBC?s Celebrity Apprentice to come up with can designs (Editor?s note: they are also releasing a glass bottle version with authentic 7UP branding). As a result, they have two designs: a 70?s disco theme and a late 80?s neon and zebra themed can. From our standpoint, it feels corny (there?s a silhouette of Donald Trump on the front and an ad for the TV show) and lacks the nostalgia of going an authentic throwback design. Overall, it has very enjoyable classic CSD flavor, but we?d take a pass on this product and wait until the glass bottle 7UP Retro becomes available.


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12 oz Can

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