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82Go Water (which is said “eight to go”) is a pouch -- or “bod” as they call it -- that is filled with 8 ounces of purified water. While on the surface eight ounces of water in a pouch might not sound like something very exciting, this product’s extremely innovative approach to a category that has been beaten up over environmental issues is huge (the same amount of plastic used to make a single cap for a bottle of water is equal to one 82Go). Plus, the product offers users the ability to have a disposable water source that can be opened with one hand (you open 82Go by using your teeth on one of the corners) and takes up almost no space after consumption. Both of these things are key for users who are on the go -- like running in a race, for example. And unlike many other packaging innovations that we see, this one both tackles the problem and the use of it is immediately obvious and intuitive. Plus, the clean design of the packaging and branding go perfectly with what it is. 82Go has a visual appearance that’s technical and minimalist, but still approachable and fun looking (another thing you can’t say about too many bottled water products). Overall, 82Go is one of those extremely rare products that takes something that’s ubiquitous and mundane (a bottle of water) and turns it into something that’s extremely innovative and potentially game changing.


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