9-2-5 Energy Shot

by Energy Beverages Worldwide Limited

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9-2-5 Energy Shot

Manufacturer's Brand Overview

The founders of Energy Beverages Worldwide Ltd (?Enerbev?) wanted to develop the most convenient and easily consumable way to acquire energy with style. Enerbev also wanted a product that was packed with vitamins and anti-oxidants (healthy), had a nice taste (drinkable), was portable and could be consumed at any time, and had stylish, quality packaging. Enerbev is proud to introduce 9-2-5 Energy Shot. 9-2-5 is a 60 ml energy shot that tastes great with a Black Cherry Flavor, provides a huge boost with no after-crash, can be consumed very quickly at any time, and can be carried in your pocket, purse, sport bag, or backpack- basically anywhere you can put your mobile phone- 9-2-5 Energy Shot is there. In addition, 9-2-5 Energy Shot has 200 mg of caffeine per 100 ml of fluid. The small 9-2-5 Bottle has more caffeine than 2 cans of an average energy drink, a 500 ml bottle/ can of the value energy drinks, 500 ml of coffee 1,875 ounces of a cola, or 2000 ounces of green tea. In addition, 9-2-5 Energy shot is Full of Vitamins: B6 (250% of Recommended Daily Allowance (?RDA?), B12 (13883% of RDA), and B3(250% of RDA). To top it all off, 9-2-5 Energy Shot is High in Anti-Oxidants since it contains Green Tea, Yerba Mate, and Ginseng. All this energy, vitamins, and anti-oxidants in such a small bottle with only 6 calories per serving. Considering the portability, ability to consume hot or cold, lack of need for a restroom, and stylish packaging, why would you want to drink anything else?

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