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Last Updated: 5/15/2008 11:35 AM

The first flavor we sampled was Sicilian Orange, mainly because the flavor itself sounded the most appealing of the bunch. The flavor itself is moderately sweet and almost tangerine like. It's good, but not overly natural, but then again, you can say the same for competing vitamin enhanced products. Organic certification is certainly a plus, but we'd probably switch the name up to something else. After all, Sicilian orange and the Rockies motif on the packaging don't really go together. On that note, let's talk about the packaging. It uses the stock "vitamin enhanced water" bottle, which is fine, but we don't get the connection of Eldorado and the Rockies. If this were a bottled water, it might make sense, but really it looks more like a functional beverage or juice, which doesn't benefit from this theme. That being said, we'd either change up the look or dial down the color so it looks more translucent. Overall, it's got nice taste, but doesn't really jump out at us.


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Water: Enhanced


20 fl oz (600ml) plastic

Nutritional Info

Serving size: 8 fl oz, Servings per container: 2.5;
Amount per serving: Calories: 80;
Total fat: 0g, Sodium: 0mg;
Total carbohydrates: 21g;
Sugar: 20g;
Protein: 0g;
Vitamin C:140%;
Vitamin B3: 25%;
Vitamin B5: 25%;
Vitamin B6: 25%;
Vitamin B12: 20%;
Vitamin B5: 25%


Pure spring water, organic evaporated cane juice, organic flavors, natural color (turmeric), citric acid, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), L-taurine, niacinamide (B3), calcium d-pantothenate (B5), pyridoxine hydrochloride (B6), cyanocobalamin (B12)

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