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Last Updated: 6/5/2010 3:33 PM

Using stevia along with sugar and white grape juice, the Orange flavor of FRS Healthy Energy is allowed to label itself as “naturally sweetened.” That’s obviously a helpful thing for marketing purposes, but the three sweetener blend also helps create a flavor that is an improvement over previous FRS flavors that we’ve sampled. As with other quercetin enhanced drinks that we’ve tried (there aren’t many), this product has an almost milky body to it (there is no dairy in it) and an aroma that’s less than appealing. However, once you start to consume the product, the non-carbonated formulation is enjoyable, with real orange juice helping the orange flavor taste natural in your mouth. Still, the functional ingredients leave a heavy aftertaste. Speaking of functionality, the product contains vitamins (B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin E), quercetin (QU995) for energy, and catechins (antioxidants). The lack of caffeine will probably resonate differently depending on the consumer type, but the formulation definitely provides a boost. Packaging (a 12 oz slim can) is eye catching and appealing, thanks to the use of a bright orange colored can and the FRS branding being easy to read in large block font. Plus, we do think that the FRS brand does, thanks to massive ad campaigns, have recognition in the marketplace. Overall, it’s definitely not for everyone, but for those who are looking for caffeine alternatives, it’s definitely a very solid choice.


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