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Last Updated: 6/25/2009 10:31 AM

The Mango variety of O.N.E. with a Splash is our favorite flavor of the lineup. It has the perfect pairing of coconut and tropical mango flavor, which has been sweetened with cane juice. The moderately sweet drink provides a nice dose of indulgent fruit flavor, while also hitting your body with the replenishing electrolytes found in coconut water. The resulting mix is something that’s easy to chug, which makes the 8.5 oz. size a bit of a bummer. A larger size would be nice down the road, but for now, they’ve done a good job decorating this product’s Tetra Pak container. The reflective package has some nice pop to it, while bright photos of mangoes are placed towards the bottom of the container. With a smaller package and a somewhat similar color scheme, our only concern for this product is its ability to stand up against the competition on a store shelf. Regardless, we think that it’s a smart move for O.N.E. to move into the flavored coconut water space. And with this flavor, they’ve certainly put their best foot forward.


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