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Last Updated: 6/25/2009 10:34 AM

Mixing guava juice with coconut water works quite well, which makes the Pink Guava variety of O.N.E. with a Splash quite an enjoyable entry. Like all good guava juice, it has a bit of grit to it, plus it adds a dose of tropical fruit flavor to the mix. You can still taste the coconut water, although it’s much more of a secondary flavor when compared to the guava. They’ve sweetened the product with cane juice and also added Vitamin C, which results in something that’s sweet, but hydrating, and definitely pleasing to the palate. The packaging of the product is like the other O.N.E. products (and competitors) in that it’s in a TetraPak, which leaves the artwork as the only means of differentiating. They’ve done a nice job with the colors of the package, with the splash of pink providing some nice contrast to the shiny blue coating that’s used for the base color. From our point of view, this is also the one that visually stands out from the lineup – brighter colors have a tendency to do that. Overall, although it’s probably not as marketable as the others, we like the flavor quite a bit and it has the most eye catching packaging of the bunch.


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