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Last Updated: 6/29/2010 8:57 AM

Rage Inferno is a 24 ounce energy drink that was designed to look like a fire extinguisher. Inside the bottle, there’s a fairly pleasant-tasting fruit punch-flavored energy drink, although it’s definitely a flavor that we’ve had before in other energy drinks. On the energy front, the product has 375 mg of caffeine in a 24 oz. package, so it definitely packs some serious punch. Really though, the design of the bottle is definitely the most unique part about this product, although it’s more of a gimmick than a useful innovation. The bottle itself has a pretty standard look, aside from the raised “R” on the top portion of the bottle. The “spout” is a nonfunctional piece of plastic that has been mounted on top of a flat black cap. The spout is quite easy to knock off, which might make for them being removed (intentionally or unintentionally) while going through distribution and retail channels. Overall, it’s eye catching and innovative from a visual point of view, but the rest of the product is pretty average.


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