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Last Updated: 4/8/2009 11:56 AM

This variety is named “K.O. Punch Energy,” so it seems fitting that it’s the official energy drink of a championship fighting league. The flavor is sweet and enjoyable, with a sugar and sucralose sweetened formulation that’s crisp and clean to the finish. On the energy front, this can packs in 375mg of caffeine and also features taurine, B vitamins, and D-glucuronolactone. So, the product certainly has some kick to it. Packaging is big (24 oz.) and aggressive looking, with the text “BIG MOFO” near the top of the can. We’re not really big fans of this approach. Aside from the corniness of it, the Rage brand is aggressive enough without it. Plus, it pollutes what is otherwise an attractive looking can. Overall, we’re fans of the flavor of this product, but 24 ounces is too much for us as is the over the top nickname for the product.


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