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Last Updated: 1/26/2009 12:36 PM

Xing Tea's latest flavor comes in the form of Green Tea with Cherry. This flavor is, like its counterparts, sold in a massive 23.5 ounce package. The formulation is all natural and sweetened with pure cane sugar, which are certainly nice from a flavor and marketability standpoint. However, the mixture also contains black tea, honey, and ginseng, which aren't mentioned on the can. Flavor-wise, this product has a light body, with a mellow tea blend that has a touch of sweetness and cherry flavoring. The cherry flavor is teetering on being too strong, especially with the product's pretty light base. Still, if it's a very drinkable mainstream style tea that you want, this is a great choice based on the product's flavor and value. We think it's one of the better tasting flavors of the Xing Tea lineup.


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23.5 fl oz

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