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Last Updated: 2/18/2008 2:44 PM

Usually, when we see cans that are this big we don't expect the flavor inside to be anything that's worth writing home about. However, Xing Tea is definitely an exception. Their Green Tea with Lemon & Honey flavor is one of the better iced teas to come out of a can. They've made this product with what appear to be good ingredients, including brewed green and black tea, cane sugar, honey and ginseng. Unlike competing products, there isn't a syrupy aftertaste or an overpowering level of sweetness. This leaves the product with a mellow body that's extremely refreshing and clean to the finish. On the outside, you have a mammoth 23.5 oz can that emphasizes the "all natural" formulation both with words Asian-themed imagery. It's a fine design, but we find the vertical Xing Tea logo a bit hard to read. Otherwise, we think that this product is a solid mainstream entry.


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Tea: Sweetened


23.5 fl oz (695ml) can

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