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Last Updated: 4/1/2009 5:15 PM

The flavor of ZT Rooibos Red Tea’s “Unsweetened” variety is probably best compared to a mixture of green and black teas, but without the grassiness or acidity that you’d find by mixing the two. The raw flavor of red tea has a slight amount of nuttiness to it, with an almost floral like flavor to the finish. It’s a good interpretation of real brewed red tea, but in much more convenient form. They’ve also added inulin to the product, which adds 20% of your RDA of fiber. That’s a nice benefit for sure, but it seems hard to believe that fiber conscious consumers will start purchasing this product as a result. Packaging is good, but doesn’t yet stand out, with a clean front panel that feels a bit too plain. Placing the USDA Organic seal on it is good, but might not be enough with the strong competition that’s currently lining the tea shelf. Overall, it’s good, but we feel like they need a bit more oomph to succeed.


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Tea: Unsweetened


16 oz glass

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