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Last Updated: 12/1/2008 9:43 AM

From a flavor point of view, this product definitely leaves something to be desired. Whereas other acai juices have evolved to the point where the flavor is smooth and balanced, this variety is not and feels like something we would have seen hit the market several years ago. There's decent hit of acai, which is good since the brand is an "acai smoothie," but the added blueberry juice, pomegranate juice, and natural flavors give the product some tart notes that don't mesh well with the acai. The finish is a bit off as well, with none of the fruit flavors being distinguishable from the mix. Packaging has similar problems. First, there are three visual elements competing for your eye, starting with the "Acai Roots" logo. Directly below it is the technical looking "AX3 Triple Antioxidant" logo and below that is the "Acai Smoothie" logo with a casual sans-serif font. In our opinion, straddling casual and technical is a mistake, especially since it's confusing as to which of these elements is the brand name. Overall, this product isn't terrible, but given where the market and competitors are at, this product needs to do more.


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10 oz.

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