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Last Updated: 9/15/2009 4:19 PM

Also known as Activate’'s “Energy” formulation, this Lemon Lime flavored beverage is enhanced with goji berry extract, yerba mate extract, natural caffeine, and B vitamins (the B vitamins are dispensed from the cap – we’ll get to that soon). It’'s sweetened with stevia, which keeps the calories at bay and allows the product to label itself as “naturally sweetened.” From a flavor point of view, it definitely tastes like a functional product, with a lemon lime flavor that’s similar in style to what you'’d expect from a sports drink. There'’s a decent amount of stevia flavor left behind, but it'’s no worse than any other diet product. Really though, this drink is about bioavailability of nutrients, which brings us to the cap-dispensed nutrients. While some of it is definitely gimmicky (it also dispenses coloring), Activate is attempting to spread the word about the fact that nutrients can disappear from bottled beverages. Their solution, of course, being to keep it in an air tight cap. It’s pretty easy to figure out the cap, although there'’s a large graphic on the label in case you can’'t figure it out. However, the issue remains that consumer education is going to be required about the deterioration of vitamins in water. Regardless, they’'ve made this product look quite slick – and the taste is pretty enjoyable, too. So, even if consumer education takes a while (and we'’re sure it will), we think that the novelty factor and enjoyment of the product will be sufficient for now.


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Water: Enhanced, Tea: Yerba Mate


16 oz vitamin PET

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