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Last Updated: 11/13/2008 9:26 AM

ActivWater's Energy variety is a pleasant tasting "Tropical Citrus" flavored drink. The secret to the product is a sweetener mix of organic cane juice and erythritol, a non sugar based sweetener that is classified as all natural. Aside from being all natural, the erythritol leaves no aftertaste behind, allowing this product to achieve almost exactly the same flavor as a drink that is entirely sugar based. Being an "energy" product, they've added 40mg of natural caffeine per serving (that's about 100mg per bottle), which is a reasonable amount of kick. Also in the mix are tea extracts (for antioxidants) and added B and C vitamins. Packaging feels modern and sporty, with a clean square bottle helping differentiate from the crowded sea of 20 ounce round bottles. Our only concern is the design's reliance on vertical text, which means you have to flip the bottle (also requiring the consumer to actually pick it up) to see what the drink is all about. Aside from this, ActivWater Energy is an innovative and extremely enjoyable product.


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