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Last Updated: 11/13/2008 9:26 AM

Despite having the same level of calories and sugar as the other varieties, Power was the sweetest, most full flavored variety of the ActivWater lineup. Using a strawberry kiwi flavor, it's an enjoyable tasting product, with sweet and tart notes. As far as strawberry kiwi flavors go, it's a good one, although like most other attempts at strawberry, it's no substitute for the real thing. "Power," on the other hand, made us expect another energy flavor, but this more of sports drink style product. There's no herbal or antioxidant component to this flavor, just a modest dose of Vitamins C, B12, D, K, and electrolytes as well as calcium and magnesium. Packaging is on par with the other varieties, using vertical text for most of the front panel. If nothing else, we'd love to see the "25 calories" and "all natural" (or "no artificial sweeteners") running horizontally across the front of the bottle. Overall, another enjoyable flavor from ActivWater.


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