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Last Updated: 8/4/2009 5:30 PM

Grapefruit Goji is the other new flavor addition to the Adina Holistics lineup. Inside the bottle, there’s a mellow (and pleasant) grapefruit flavor that makes up the majority of the flavor and they’ve backed it with a mild amount of sweetness. We didn’t taste anything that was obviously goji flavoring (perhaps the slightly sour note?), but there are enjoyable herbal and tea notes to the flavor. This helps give the product some depth and originality, making what’s otherwise a juice drink into a cocktail that targets refreshment and health & wellness. And in this day and age where consumers want something more from what they eat and drink, Adina has hit the nail on the head by finding the right balance between the two. The same can be said for the packaging, which, thanks to the use of the name Holistics and its visual treatment, has a credible healthy vibe while also speaking to the consumers sense of curiosity and fun (unless you have something against monkeys). Overall, this is one of the better flavors of the brand – and definitely one of the more memorable flavors.


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