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Last Updated: 8/4/2009 5:29 PM

Adina Holistics’ Pomegranate Acai flavor is a smart and opportunistic addition to the line. Fortunately, it’s also a pretty drinkable product, with a mild berry flavor that also features a slight herbal note to the finish. It’s lightly sweetened, having only 21g of sugar and 90 calories per 14 oz. bottle. The product does have pomegranate juice and clarified acai extract, but we only taste the pomegranate – and it’s very light at that. Still, what they have concocted is quite pleasant, especially with the drink’s light level of sweetness. On the herbal front, the product has ginseng, gotu kola, astragalus, white tea, tusli leaf extract, and eleuthero root extract, all of which have been added under the loose tagline of “enlightened ayurvedic herbals.” Rather than promoting a specific function, it’s just about being “holistic” and healthy. That’s fine by us – especially since it tastes quite good. The packaging, which is a 14 oz. proprietary bottle, has a hip but wholesome vibe to it. It’s a well polished design that, due to the use of a random monkey character, has a bit of personality to it. Overall, we like this new flavor both in terms of what’s actually inside of the bottle and its likely appeal due to the use of popular superfruit flavors.


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