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Last Updated: 10/21/2008 2:18 PM

Adina's effort to create a coffee based energy drink is an enjoyable one, which is no surprise given the drink's easy to read nutrition panel. This variety uses a smooth but rich base of coffee, milk and sugar (all fair trade and organic) with added guarana, natural flavors, and pectin, a thickener that's typically used in jam. The resulting product is extremely enjoyable, with just the right amount of sweetener and a mellow caramel finish. In terms of energy, this product relies on the coffee, the most widely known and used energy drink, and guarana, which, like coffee, adds natural caffeine. As far as we're concerned, it's a credible drink, although your average energy drink consumer will probably expect taurine and other ingredients that are typically associated with energy drinks. This means the drink will likely appeal to coffee drinkers and natural consumers who are seeking an extra bit of buzz. In addition to buzz, they're attempting to promote one of coffee's often ignored benefits: antioxidants. Packaging is appealing, although we'd love to see more emphasis on the words "energy drink" than the current design gives it. Furthermore, Adina's new slogan, "Drink no evil," would be a great slogan to use somewhere on the package. Overall, we really enjoyed this product, but it could use a bit more -- either in design or ingredients -- to help improve the its ability to lure in the energy drink consumer.


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