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Last Updated: 10/21/2008 2:18 PM

Like the other flavors, Vanilla Nut Case delivers a creamy, smooth, and slightly sweet mixture of milk, coffee, sugar, vanilla and natural flavors. The use of organic and fair trade ingredients is a plus, but that will certainly mean more to a consumer who picks this up as a coffee rather than an energy drink. That's okay with us, especially since focusing on the energy and antioxidant aspects is an obvious but untried approach to competing with Starbucks, the market leader with over 90% share. The outside of the can is appealing, but the graphic on the center of the can doesn't really add anything to the look. We'd like to see a larger Adina logo as well as their new "Drink no evil" slogan as well as a bit of cleanup of the text on the lower portion of the front panel (it's a bit redundant in places). Otherwise, this is a very enjoyable product, whether you consider it an energy drink or an RTD coffee.


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8 oz can

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