African Sunshine

by Unique Food Group

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African Sunshine

Manufacturer's Brand Overview

UFG's initial product, African Sunshine soda packaged in 16.9 oz. plastic bottles, is produced with the finest ingredients in the carbonated soft drink industry. The flavors were designed and developed by a national, innovative and prestigious flavor house; their tradition for over 100 years of excellence is poured into every bottle of African Sunshine and then distributed to the wholesale and retail markets. African Sunshine soda is satisfying discriminating taste buds for a quality beverage with six (6) flavors. Moroccan Grape, Egyptian Orange, Nigerian Fruit Punch, Ivorian Pineapple, Liberian Cola and Sudanese Pineapple Orange are all packed with flavor, mildly carbonated, thirst quenching and caffeine free - the Liberian Cola has caffeine. African Sunshine is being referred by many as the soda with the "Old School Taste" and the "Back In The Day Flavors". If you sample just a little bit, you'll continue to come back for more. African Sunshine furthers distinguishes itself from other sodas by providing each label with geographical data on the country associated with the flavor's name; African Sunshine is both educational & refreshing.

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