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Last Updated: 8/23/2013 10:49 AM

Afterparty is a hydration and recovery beverage that comes in sugar-free and “original” (with sugar) formulations. However, both varieties contain stevia, which can definitely be detected in each product. That said, the sugar-free variety seems like the clear winner -- if you’re going to taste stevia why have any calories at all? And honestly, the flavor differences between the two are pretty negligible. Both varieties have a pleasant tasting flavor that we’d describe as “citrus berry.” While it’s not an energy drink, it’s very much an energy drink-like flavor, especially when you factor in the bite from the finish. That said, the biggest issue for this product is one of identity and positioning, especially as it relates to the energy drink category. Having both visual and flavor similarities to that category is a challenge, as evidenced by the lack of real success in the “after” or “hangover” categories. In addition, using “after” and “party” seems like something that typecasts the drink into exactly that space, despite the marketer saying that it’s a “premium hydration drink.” This limited use occassion is ultimately what remains in the way of this -- or any product in this space -- from having real breakout success. Overall, we like the flavor and the design, but the positioning of the product is something that we question.


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