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Last Updated: 8/25/2011 10:47 AM

With the rise of coconut water as a standalone beverage, so, too, comes the rise of beverages that use coconut water as an ingredient. And we’re seeing more and more companies that are trying to enhance other proven beverage concepts with coconut water to make them new and exciting again. AMAzon Water’s Coconut Water & White Tea is a great example, with, as the name suggests, is a very nice blend of white tea and coconut water. In terms of taste, it pretty much tastes like tea mixed with coconut water. The result is something that’s enjoyable and tastes hydrating, while still providing a good amount of tea to the mix. They’ve sweeten the formulation with sugar (13g per serving) and they seem to have used just the right amount. For packaging, they’ve used a 16.9 oz. squarish bottle and a full wrap label that’s clear on two of the four sides. The look of the brand definitely needs some work, with some of the visual choices making it very hard to read (such as “AMAzon” and “Coco t”). We bet that consumers would refer to this as “A.M.A.” instead of its correct name -- so it’s something that we feel as though they should address. Overall, we like what’s inside the bottle, but it needs work where so many brands often do: the packaging.


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