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Last Updated: 6/13/2011 3:06 PM

Using a simple set of ingredients often makes for a better product – and Carolina Honey, which is made with black tea, sugar, honey, and lemon juice, definitely proves the point. If you like tea with honey, you’ll really enjoy this product, starting with the strong honey aroma that quickly hits your nose. From there, the product’s smooth black tea body goes perfectly with the honey, sugar, and lemon (which also adds a bit of balance). All in all, this product is possibly the best use of honey that we’ve ever seen in a beverage. On the outside, the 13 oz. proprietary glass bottle is extremely attractive. We really like the large flat cap and the bottle appears to be something that was designed to be reusable. The graphics are clean and sophisticated, with a honey bee image used to call attention to the use of honey as an ingredient. Overall, one of the best tasting and looking tea products that we’ve sampled in a while.


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Tea: Sweetened


13.5 oz Glass

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