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Last Updated: 6/13/2011 3:05 PM

Argo’s Green Tea Ginger Twist is a very enjoyable sugar sweetened tea. The key flavors in the drink are green tea, lemon, ginger, and vanilla, with the ginger being what really sets this drink apart. There are what appear to be ginger pieces floating throughout, despite the fact that the drink is not overly spicy. The tea itself is very smooth, lacking that grassy flavor that is sometimes found in green tea beverages. The sweetness is spot on, with 100 calories and 28g of sugar per bottle. And speaking of the bottle, it is definitely a standout effort. While 13.5 oz. seems rather small, they’ve created something that’s very eye catching and polished looking. The full wrap label is clear with a design that feels sophisticated and upscale. It’s definitely one of the best looking RTD tea products that we’ve seen in a while. Overall, great taste and packaging make this a solid entry into the category.


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13.5 oz Glass

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