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Last Updated: 6/13/2011 3:06 PM

While we really loved the Green Tea Ginger Twist and Carolina Honey varieties, the rest of the Argo Tea line needs some work. Pomegranatea is the best of the other flavors. Using a rooibos tea and 13 percent pomegranate juice concentrate, Pomegranatea is a fairly well balanced and refreshing product. However, it almost drinks more like a juice than a tea. The product is packaged like the rest of the line, which is to say that the proprietary bottle will definitely catch eyes on the store shelf. One thing that we don’t like is the product name, Pomegranatea, which rolls off the tongue in a clunky way. Calling it “Pomegranate Tea” might be slightly less clever, but it’s definitely more functional and straightforward. Overall, a good entry that has an interesting balance of juice and tea, but it’s still far from what you’ll find in the Green Tea Ginger Twist and Carolina Honey flavors.


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13.5 oz Glass

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