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Last Updated: 8/20/2013 10:52 AM

We’ve sampled a lot of hibiscus drinks in our day and, generally speaking, we find the light floral flavor and smooth finish to be quite enjoyable. However, there’s something that’s just not right about this product, which, in comparison to the smooth flavor that we’re used to, has an almost sour finish. That said, this product’s flavor certainly doesn’t hold its own against the competition, so we honestly don’t know why you’d choose this product over others. It’s certainly not for the package -- a 10 oz. bottle -- which is definitely smaller than most of the products that this one will be up against. In addition, the brand feels like it needs work -- it just doesn’t jump out or connect with us. If there are any obvious fixes, we’d start with making the flavor something that truly fits the “premium” bill and leaves a more memorable and lasting impression. Overall, this product definitely needs some work.


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Tea: Sweetened


10oz Glass

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