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Last Updated: 8/20/2013 10:52 AM

Arin’s “Premium Lemongrass Infusion” is a blend of water, lemongrass extract and sugar. With a flavor that’s almost like a lemon-infused herbal tea, the combination is definitely something that is unique as far as ready to drink beverages are concerned. However, the beverage seems like it needs a secondary flavor to round things out, with the current formulation having a finish that’s slightly off. This becomes an issue as you continue to drink the product, which in turn results in a lingering tart flavor. On the outside, our feeling about this flavor is the same as the others: it’s decent, but it lacks a design that jumps out at you. Furthermore, we’re not really convinced that this is the proper bottle to use for this beverage. Overall, it’s decent, but it needs work.


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Tea: Sweetened


10oz Glass

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