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Last Updated: 1/21/2011 9:50 AM

The Rescue Water line from Arizona has been on the shelves for a while now, but their latest addition, Blueberry Coconut Water, is by far the best and most innovative product of the bunch. The blueberry pairs perfectly with the distinct coconut water taste, which also adds electrolytes and hydration capabilities. With those attributes, this product is a great alternative to traditional sports drinks, especially at 70 calories per serving. Plus, it's one of the better tasting flavored coconut water products that we've sampled. The product comes in a substantial 20.5 oz custom PET bottle dressed in a full wrap label -- a slight weakness, as the label is, just like the rest of the Rescue Water line, very busy looking, with graphics and text covering almost every bit of label real estate. Eliminating some of the text would be helpful — it's just information overload right now. The company name, AriZona, is on the front panel twice, but the flavor name is almost buried in small text on the side. Putting more emphasis on the fact that this product has coconut water seems like it would help the marketability of the product. We'd say the same for better handling the dual AriZona and Twin Labs branding, which, in its current form, makes things confusing to the consumer. Overall, the best tasting and most marketable flavor to hit the Rescue Water brand, but some packaging help is definitely needed.


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20 oz PET

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