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Last Updated: 5/18/2010 3:52 PM

The Detox variety of Arizona Rescue Water features a pleasant orange citrus flavor that’s sweetened with sugar and Reb A (stevia). Clocking in at only 25 calories per 8 oz. serving, the product is surprisingly full flavored, but has only a little amount of sweetener aftertaste. Functionally, the product is enhanced with vitamins, alpina lipoic acid, green tea extract, milk thistle extract, and L-glutathione. The intention is, as the name suggests, detoxification and support of liver function. From a branding and packaging perspective, there’s a lot to take in, starting with the product’s colorful and text heavy packaging. Trying to satisfy two brand marketers, AriZona and Twinlab, is tricky, with both of the company’s logos creating a somewhat confusing look to the product. Ultimately, these are two brands that don’t seem to go well together: one is a supplement company and the other sells value priced nonalcoholic beverages. That said, it’s hard to imagine how the marriage of the two brands creates a viable customer base for this product. Furthermore, there are some technical issues with the label, thanks to the choice of silver for much of the explanatory text that’s found around the label. Overall, this is an average product, with good flavor and marketable functionality that feels somewhat lost in a visually overwhelming package.


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