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Last Updated: 5/18/2010 3:53 PM

Of course, every enhanced water line needs an energy formulation – and Rescue Water has gone at it with a low calorie lemon-lime flavored effort. Starting with a blend of sugar and rebiana, the product has a natural level of sweetness, but a fair amount of aftertaste to the finish. The aftertaste, which is likely from the functional ingredients and stevia, is worse than in some of the other Rescue Water varieties. Nevertheless, it is, as AriZona points out, still more enjoyable than many of the zero calorie entries that we’ve sampled from other brands. Functionally, the product uses a blend of B vitamins, guarana (208 mg per serving), green tea extract (35 mg per serving), and natural caffeine (14m g per serving) to create its energy cocktail. There’s not too much in the way of kick from this product – at least in comparison to mainstream energy drink products. Packaging is a proprietary 20.5 oz. bottle, which is a bit bigger than most of the competition. Visually, it definitely has a functional vibe to it, although the execution (and benefit) of the joint branding by Twinlab and AriZona is confusing. That’s mainly because the gap between these two brands is rather large, with one serving a very different consumer base than the other – so we’re not sure how that helps a brand like this. Plus, the text on the label is hard to read, with an almost transparent gray color being used for all of the text that explains the functional ingredients. Overall, it’s decent, but not great, with the biggest issue the product’s branding and visual execution.


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