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Last Updated: 6/22/2013 10:09 AM

Of the fruit flavors of Soda Shaq that we sampled, the Blueberry variety was the one that we kept coming back to. From a flavor perspective, it offers something that’s both unique (we’ve never had a blueberry cream soda) and enjoyable (the blueberry flavoring pairs surprisingly well with the base cream soda). The product is sweet (24g of sugar per 8 oz. serving), but not too sweet, with just the right amount of carbonation. However, we definitely do not want 23.5 ounces of this product (maybe 16... definitely 12, and we’d still pay $0.99). And clearly, one should not drink 23.5 ounces of soda in one sitting. However, seeing as this is a carbonated product and one that’s not resealable, it’s likely either going to waste or being consumed by one person. Regardless, the design of the can is well-executed, with a massive image of Shaq’s face that has been surrounded by an illustrated style design. It definitely has some visual pop to it, especially with all of the real estate that comes with a can of this size. Overall, we like the concept and the flavor, but the size is simply too big.


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23.5oz Can

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