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Last Updated: 4/26/2011 1:33 PM

If you’ve ever had a lemon lime sports drink (and we’re pretty sure you have), then AriZona’s Lemon Lime “Sports” will taste very familiar. The 100 percent natural formulation is very straightforward, starting with its light lemon lime flavor. And lighter is probably the most notable part about this drink – at least if you are comparing it to Gatorade, the category leader. That said, it’s a perfectly fine sports drink, but not the type of product that we could imagine consumers going out of their way for. Packaging is a big 34 oz. bottle, which sticks with the AriZona theme. The design feels cartoonish rather than sporty (as sports drinks typically are), which makes the product come off as more of a refreshment beverage than something that provides functionality. Overall, it’s a pleasing product to taste, but we question whether its positioning is such that it can be a credible sports drink entry.


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