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Last Updated: 7/1/2009 4:16 PM

Okay, so all tea is made with water right? That was our thought, too, when we first saw that AriZona was creating a line called “Tea Water.” Of course, what they really mean is that this product is, first and foremost, a bottled water product, which is why they’ve partnered with Nestle Waters and are using Poland Spring Water as the base. Second, they’ve added a splash of AriZona Iced Tea’s organic green tea to the mix. So basically, the resulting product tastes like bottled water with a splash of tea or, depending on your outlook, a watered down bottle of tea. Either way, this 20 oz. bottle has only 50 calories and has a decent amount of flavor to it. There’s a light amount of tea flavor to the mix, which has been kissed with just a touch of organic sugar and organic honey to sweeten it just a bit. It’s a very drinkable product, especially if you’re sick of all of the “enhanced” water products that are loaded with fake fruit flavors. Functionally, the product promises antioxidants, but it’s probably not going to be as credible as regular tea. As far as the packaging goes, the bottle is amber in color, which was supposedly done to block light from the product. However, it doesn’t hurt that it’s the same color as brewed black tea – a clear move to help reinforce the tea inside the drink. Still, our biggest issue with the design is that the AriZona branding seems downplayed in comparison to that of Poland Spring (thanks to the Poland Spring logo appearing horizontally on the label). This leaves the product with a somewhat confused look, where it’s unclear as to which brand takes precedence. Overall, it’s a refreshing tasting product, but the product needs to better convey what it is.


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