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Last Updated: 7/1/2009 4:13 PM

Made with 1 percent juice consisting of orange and pear juices, this product has a very natural tasting fruit flavor to its mix. There are also subtle notes of tea and honey, which pair nicely with the fruit flavors that they’ve added. For having only 20 calories per serving (about 50 per bottle), the product has surprisingly enjoyable flavor. We appreciate the “watered down” approach to creating a low calorie product, keeping artificial sweeteners out and the ingredient list simple and understandable. Plus, we think it tastes good enough to be a viable alternative to some of the other enhanced water products that are out there, especially since the product is both thirst quenching and enjoyable to the palate. On the outside, the product uses a 20 oz. bottle that’s tall and slim in design. They’ve covered the bottle’s ribbed area with an equally tall metallic label. Being so tall, there’s a lot of real estate – and they clearly felt the need to cover a decent amount of it. Unfortunately, this leaves the product with a look that’s hard for the eye to make sense of, especially since there’s a Poland Spring logo running horizontally and a bigger AriZona Tea Water logo running vertically. This leaves the label feeling rather disjointed, especially since you are likely to spend much more time reading the section that has the Poland Spring logo as it also has the product’s flavor name and a few of the selling points listed. Overall, we found this to be a surprisingly drinkable product, but, like the other flavors, the layout of the label could use some help.


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Tea: Herbal and Alternative


20 oz PET

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