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Last Updated: 7/1/2009 4:16 PM

Of the flavors that we received, this seems like the most marketable of the bunch. The combination of green tea and pomegranate has been a hit, likely because of having the double whammy of being a great flavor combo and for the implied antioxidant benefits. In this case, both flavors are fairly muted, which should be expected from a product that’s called “Tea Water.” Both flavors can still be distinguished from the mix, but ultimately the product still drinks very much like a flavored bottled water. They’ve given it a very light amount of sweetener from organic evaporated cane juice and organic honey, to the tune of having only 5g of sugar per 8 oz. serving (and 20 calories). That should make it a good choice for the health conscious consumer who doesn’t like artificial sweeteners. Lastly, there’s a slightly acidic note to the finish, which is maybe just a tad bit too bitter for our liking. On the packaging front, there’s a lot going on, with a variety of different text elements, colors, and graphics on the drink’s tall label. They use a 20 oz. amber colored bottled, which serves the dual purpose of blocking light and making the product look more like a tea beverage. Still, we’d like to see a less busy label, especially since finding the flavor and purpose of the drink are rather hard with the current placement of graphic elements and text.


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