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Last Updated: 7/1/2009 4:14 PM

From a flavor point of view, this is a surprisingly well executed mixture, with a decent dose of tea and yumberry flavor (with 1 percent juice) that’s been paired with a light amount of sweetener and Poland Spring Water. The “tea water” aspect of the product seems to mean that the drink’s flavoring has been diluted in a larger volume of water than one of their RTD tea drinks – and we think that’s going to take some convincing as far as the consumer is concerned. Further on that, there’s the use of the Poland Spring brand name, which certainly adds some brand equity, but also seems to be cluttering what the brand is all about. Specifically, the quality of the water inside RTD beverages is something that’s never questioned, so the addition of Poland Spring is addressing something that is simply a non issue to the consumer. The execution of the label design could be improved so that the two brand names don’t feel as slapped on as they do right now. In addition, moving the AriZona Tea Water logo off of the large purple and gray flower would help the eye make sense of this label. Overall, the flavor is good and the concept seems viable, but the way that the two brands have been incorporated into this product could use some work.


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20 oz PET

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