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Last Updated: 3/23/2011 10:22 AM

Avitae’s “90” offering is, as the name suggests, enhanced with 90mg of caffeine per bottle, putting it on par with a standard cup of coffee. Aside from doubling the amount of caffeine in this product, they’ve also given it a red accent color on the label and cap. The product has a modern look, which is due in part to its custom bottle, while the formulation seems like a timely (at least in comparison to the caffeinated waters of the mid-90’s) alternative to energy drinks. There’s no actual flavor or taste to the water or the caffeine, which is certainly a good thing. We see this as something that will most likely appeal to people who want caffeine, but don’t want to consume calories or artificial ingredients. How big that niche actually is remains something that we don’t know, but it’s definitely something that is likely to have a lasting following. Overall, a well executed logical extension to the Avitae line.


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16.9 oz PET

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