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Last Updated: 10/13/2011 11:48 AM

Blending lemongrass, mint, and vanilla might not be something that whets the consumer’s palate, but it actually makes for a very tasty flavor combination to blend with sparkling water. The bite of the carbonation enhances the flavors, making for something that is quite enjoyable even without any sweetener. Being able to taste each of the flavors tells your senses that this is a quality product. However, our concern for this product is one of mistaken identity -- it looks very much like a soda. The flavor pairing doesn’t help the situation either. Finally, we think that it will be challenging to compete with the lower priced competitors (made by big companies like Nestle Waters). The product could certainly do more to establish itself as a premium product (perhaps choosing a different bottle, for starters). Overall, it’s an enjoyable product, but we think it will be too easy to miss in its current form.


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12 oz Glass

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