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Last Updated: 8/26/2013 2:55 PM

Of the four initial flavors of Ayala’s Herbal Tea that we sampled, this one, Chamomile Bergamot Vanilla, is definitely the best of the bunch. Some of that is flavor preference, but we also make speak from a marketability perspective; this is the most herbal tea-like flavor of the bunch. And the flavor of the drink is quite good, with a mellow chamomile and bergamot (which adds a slight citrus note) flavor that is finished with a hint of vanilla. The lack of sweetness is an interesting approach, with the product being zero-calorie without adding stevia or anything else. The lack of sweetness/sweetener is definitely something that should be called out on the label. Also, we feel as though the company should make the Ayala’s logo bigger and simplify the name of the product (no one is going to say all three of the words). Overall, we really like the flavor of this variety, and, with some slight packaging changes, it could definitely be a strong product.


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