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Last Updated: 8/26/2013 2:55 PM

The Peppermint Melissa Spearmint blend of Ayala’s Herbal Tea is a zero-calorie beverage that has no added sweeteners. To that end, this product is not really that much of a deviation from Ayala’s flagship Herbal Water lineup. In the case of this formulation, blending two kinds of mint along with “Melissa” (aka lemon balm) makes for something that is minty with a light lemon finish. It’s definitely refreshing and palate cleansing, but we don’t think that it makes sense positioning the product as an “herbal tea” as opposed to a flavored water. The packaging, a 14 oz. slim glass bottle, is definitely identifiable as an Ayala’s product. However, the Ayala’s logo is absurdly small, which leaves the focal point being on the word “herbal,” which is not ideal in our opinion. Furthermore, there’s still something sterile about the brand that doesn’t sit right with us -- the word "Ayala" should be something that adds personality and authenticity to the product (and we don’t mean by slapping an image of the founder's face on the label). Overall, this flavor is enjoyable, but it seems out of place as part of an herbal tea line.


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