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Last Updated: 8/26/2013 2:55 PM

This variety of Ayala’s Herbal Tea is a very nice tasting herbal tea that blends three simple flavors, including rooibos, cinnamon and rose petal. There’s no sweetener of any kind in this zero-calorie product, but it definitely doesn’t lack on the flavor front. The rooibos provides a smooth and complex base, while the accent of cinnamon gives it a light spice flavor. Lastly, there’s the rose petal, which adds a slight floral note to the finish. All in all, we think Ayala's has done a really nice job of making a product that’s extremely drinkable. And if you’re like us, after a few sips you’ll forget about the fact that the product doesn’t have any added sweetener. Visually, the product certainly looks and feels like an herbal tea. It certainly helps that the label has the phrase “Herbal Tea” front and center. However, we think the company made the Ayala’s logo a bit too small. Overall, this is a very enjoyable flavor and a close second to the Chamomile variety.


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