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Last Updated: 7/28/2011 10:23 AM

If you’re a fan of herbal tea, but find that standard ready-to-drink herbal teas don’t quite have the quality that you’re looking for, then Ginger Master might be the product for you. From a flavor perspective, this product is very heavy on the ginger flavor, but, since it lacks sweetness, it’s smooth and quite drinkable. The addition of goji berries gives the product a subtle note of secondary flavor, but as you drink it, the ginger continues to take over your palate. One of those most unique things inside the bottle is the presence of ginger pieces and goji berries floating at the bottom – so you know there’s good stuff inside the bottle (or jar as it is). At only 10 calories per bottle, this product delivers big flavor without weighing you down or pumping you full of zero calorie sweeteners. The visual aspect of this product is probably the drink’s biggest asset, with a 16 oz. jar that is very eye-catching. The design of the label, which is minimal but sophisticated, gives you a very nice view into the bottle. Being able to see the goji and ginger that’s at the bottom definitely sets the tone that this is a super premium product. Really, our only concerns for this product are its price point (it has to be expensive) and the red text that is used for the flavor name (it’s really hard to read). Otherwise, this is definitely a top-tier herbal tea.


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16 oz Glass

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