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Last Updated: 10/4/2012 10:47 AM

Bai’s Costa Rica Clementine is formulated with key ingredients including 4 percent orange juice, coffeefruit extract, erythritol, stevia, and white tea. From a flavor perspective, it tastes, first and foremost, like sweet orange juice. For 5 calories per serving, this product tastes extremely close to a comparable full calorie sugar sweetened product. There’s very little aftertaste from the sweeteners, which is definitely a good thing, while the functional ingredients do not seem to have an impact either. Functionally, the product has 35 mg of caffeine per serving (2 servings per bottle) and antioxidants. Ultimately, we think that flavor and caffeine are what will really lure in and retain consumers -- antioxidants are purely an added bonus. As far as the packaging and branding go, the 18 oz. PET bottle is definitely a generously sized package. Visually, it’s clean, at least for the most part, but we think the emphasis on antioxidants is a bit too prominent (to the point where you might wonder if it tastes overly functional). Overall, this product delivers solid flavor and appealing packaging.


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