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Last Updated: 10/4/2012 10:48 AM

Like the other Bai “5” varieties, Ipanema Pomegranate is an erythritol and stevia sweetened beverage that features 4 percent juice, coffeefruit extract (for the drink’s antioxidant function), and white tea (for natural caffeine and antioxidants). From a taste perspective, they’ve done an extremely nice job of masking almost all of the sweetener and functional flavor. The use of pomegranate juice (as opposed to strictly flavoring) definitely makes a difference as the product has a very natural and accurate fruit flavor. From our perspective, the flavor is so good that we’d have a hard time finding a reason to ever consume one of Bai’s sugar sweetened flavors. Visually, the product feels modern and clean, with an appetizing image of a pomegranate and text that is easy to read and organized nicely. However, we’re not sold on the name “Ipanema,” which doesn’t really add (or seem to have any relevance) to the rest of the product. Finally, we’re not sold on “antioxidant infusion” being what gets top billing on the label (perhaps “fruit infusion” and a mention of caffeine?). Overall, superb flavor and clean packaging make Bai’s Ipanema Pomegranate a product to try.


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