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Last Updated: 4/14/2009 9:25 AM

There are two varieties of BANa, “Better Rehydration” and “Serious Rehydration,” with this one (Better Rehydration) having a lighter strength formulation. Both formulas are artificially sweetened with sucralose, which is suspiciously not found on the label. Still, the sucralose sweetener gets the job done, pairing well with the drink’s berry flavor and masked by its saltiness. Compared with its counterpart, there are lighter doses of key rehydration ingredients (such as sodium and potassium) and a different, less serious packaging design. Unfortunately, we don’t think that the lighter formulation is that easily distinguished from its counterpart. Furthermore, we’re not huge fans of the monkey theme. While the product is good, the other one is better – and we think that offering a similarly branded product (to Serious Rehydration) and a different fruit flavor would be the right course of action for this brand.


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Water: Enhanced


16.9 fl oz

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0 Calories 1g Carbs 0g Sugar 600mg Sodium 100mg Potassium


Ingredients are not available for this product.

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