Barrel Juice

by Barrel Juice, LLC.

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Barrel Juice

Manufacturer's Brand Overview

Barrel Juice is the Ultimate Natural Juice experience with two great flavors: Ginger Pineapple and Bissap (hibiscus flower/ Jamaica) Both juices are made with ingredients (Hibiscus and Ginger) that are known around the world for their wonderful and unique taste but also for their numerous healing powers.
Barrel Juice was founded by a husband and a wife from Senegal West Africa who wanted to share their national drinks with the American consumers. The result is the most indulging beverage in a ready to drink bottle that combines Function with great taste by using traditional recipes, ingredients from the far East and the French Country Sides with over the top industry standards. In Senegal these drinks are often associated with large family gatherings, weddings and religious ceremonies , so do enjoy it with family and friends and make it an happy event!


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