Basic Beverages

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Basic Beverages

Manufacturer's Brand Overview

Cold Brew Coffee- brewed & bottled fresh daily in small batches in Fauquier County, VA!

The name "Basic Beverages" is a double-entendre referencing that we start with alkaline (aka 'basic') water and use simple ingredients.

'Cold brew' coffee is a method of brewing without heat that reduces the acidity of coffee by 70%. The result is a better tasting, naturally sweet, less bitter coffee. Each serving has 3x the caffeine as hot-drip coffee. Plus, without your body having to expend extra energy to neutralize the acidity of regular coffee, you will feel even more energized.

What's in the bottle?
The cold-brew 'concentrate' is very strong, sort of like espresso. Everyone makes their drink different. We recommend diluting 1 part coffee with 2 parts water or your milk of choice. Most people use it to make iced coffees, but adding hot water also makes a delicious hot coffee. If you're an alcohol drinker, try it as a mixer. If you're a baker, try it as flavoring. And if you have recipes to submit to our website of your favorite drink or food that uses our cold-brew coffee, email us!

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